Missouri Breaks Industries Research Inc. (MBIRI)


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Missouri Breaks Industries Research Inc. is a small Indian-owned business located on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota.  It is centrally located in and primarily works and employs people from a Federal Labor Surplus area – specifically the Federal Indian Reservations of North and South Dakota and is HUB certified. The Missouri Breaks Industries Research Inc. is qualified under 25 USC 47 as a “Buy Indian” business to conduct research of medical problems and to disseminate information learned through this research to health care providers, tribal leaders, and community members.

Mission Statement

To promote research as a tool that will create the opportunity for communities and individuals to choose a healthier quality of life through personal involvement, support, education, self-disclosure, and connectedness to the rural, tribal, scientific, medical, and psychological communities at large, but first and foremost to each other.

Missouri Breaks Industries has been a legal Indian-owned entity working with and promoting American Indian made products throughout the Dakotas since 1982.  In 1995, at the behest of Dr. Paul Enright of the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, Missouri Breaks Industries Research Inc., (MBIRI) was reorganized to become an Indian-owned research company. Since its inception as a legal entity in 1995 specifically conducting research it has successfully conducted and/or contributed to the following projects:

Missouri Breaks publications on:

RED Talk videos share Native wisdom to shape the future of tribal nations. 

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