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Missouri Breaks has been committed to doing ethical research since 1988. This commitment includes the following…

  1. All research is approved by the relevant Tribe and Institutional Review Board/Research Review Board (IRB/RRB).

  2. All researchers and staff are trained and have strict rules they must follow to protect research participant’s safety and confidentiality.

  3. Participants will be informed of the risks and benefits of participating in a study during the informed consent process. A Lakota speaker will be provided if requested. No research is done without consent.

  4. Researchers will only use the participant information they have permission to use.

  5. Participants can withdraw from participating in a study at any time with no questions asked.

  6. Studies will not be done without a purpose or benefit to the participants OR the community.


Research helps our tribal communities and Native people by...


  1. Making standards specific to our population to diagnose, treat, and prevent health conditions

  2. Modifying and improving interventions that are designed by and for Lakota people

  3. Generating data that can be used by the tribe and community programs to help secure grant funding

Missouri Breaks is contracted by NIH’s National Heart Lung and Blood Institute to run the Strong Heart Study Dakota Center. The Strong Heart Study is the largest epidemiologic study of cardiovascular disease in American Indian people.

Missouri Breaks employee demonstrating proper laboratory techniques to young visitor.
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